Mental illness and Awakening

Mental illness / mental dis-ease is an awakening of the soul in this human form...its the breakdown of the mind and bringing you back to the deep desire to feel aligned with who you really are. This was all part of your souls plan and breakdown these programs and conditionings that stopped you seeing your true souls essence. Yes at the time you go to the lowest point mentally..but as you surrender and allow you awaken to how divine you are. You can heal through this and come back with a whole new way of seeing the world. I ask you see see mental illness as a phase of awakening and growth. Many people are put in the wrong take pills to keep them numb or in that state and are labelled with the term such as depression and the root cause is not addressed. Instead go within and listen to your intuition and treat yourself with love and know you are held, supported and so much joy, peace and love is to come. Its the beginning of awakening to who you truly are, your mission and truth. You will look back and see this was all part of your souls journey.

Much Love