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Meditation is getting increasingly popular in today’s society to support people in reducing stress and anxiety, connecting with their true self, and for their overall health and wellbeing. There are many types of meditations and they can vary in type and duration. Guided meditation scripts can be used in a group setting or class or people may use them to record their meditation using their own voice for their own programs or offerings.

Royalty-free meditation scripts for business use or personal use PDF

Royalty-free meditation scripts enable people to purchase pre-written meditation scripts and use them in whatever way they like. They are non-exclusive so they are not customized specifically for your needs or requirements, instead many people can purchase the same script and use it however they like. This is great for people who are not skilled in writing meditation scripts or who are not meditation teachers or guides. Therefore, there are writers who can write these meditations which others can use and benefit from in many ways.

Who uses meditation scripts?

- Businesses – who want to use meditation to look after the wellbeing of their staff.

- Entrepreneurs that want to use them for business use – to use them in their programs, apps or other offerings or to make the audio and sell it individually.

- Individuals who want to use meditation scripts for personal use – they may prefer reading a script over listening to the audio.

Guided Meditation Scripts or Affirmation Scripts

There are a variety of meditation scripts that are available as there are so many meditation types out there! Guided meditations are scripts where the listener is guided, whether its just how to breathe, what to focus on or may be guiding someone through a visualization technique or taking them on a journey of some sort. Therefore scripts can be very sort and succinct or they can be long, utilizing many different meditative techniques.

Affirmation scripts are focused on short, present tense statements which help the listener in many ways. Affirmation scripts can support the listener in rewiring their subconscious mind through using repetitive statements that they want to rewire old limiting thoughts or beliefs with. They can lift the listener’s mood so they feel an increased state of wellbeing depending on what the affirmation script is focused on. An affirmation script may include general positive affirmations or it may be focused on a certain topic or intention which will produce a different emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical result. Affirmations are quite popular with people who want to manifest certain things into their life or who find it hard to be in silence but still want to sit and be focused on something.

Record a guided meditation from a pre-written script

To create a good quality meditation audio recording you will need a good quality microphone and platform that you record on (such as Audacity). You may want to keep it as an audio file or create a video such as uploading a guided meditation onto YouTube. You could have the video just playing the audio or create a video which has moving images or pictures. There are so many options available for you so get creative! It is up to you whether you want to credit the writer for the script or take full ownership of the meditation.

Buy affordable meditation scripts (PDF download) HERE

I have an Etsy store where I have meditation scripts that are non-exclusive / royalty-free use for personal or business use. I also have some on my website to purchase as well. This enables you to not worry about writing a script yourself, instead, you can purchase a pre-written one from an expert meditation writer/teacher/content creator!

I write how many words there are on the script so you are aware, especially if you were after a script that is a particular length. I have not added time length as it is totally up to you on what breaks or times of silence you wanted to add in. It is important that you allow the listeners to tune in and take time in stillness and silence beyond listening to constant words as this can keep their brain active instead of allowing the brainwaves to slow down and be receptive to what is arising for them in the moment.

Having a PDF download for a meditation script is great as you can have a folder of them on your laptop and use when you need. Easy to read and to use however you like!

Want a custom meditation script instead?

Don’t want meditation scripts that other people have, you want one written especially for you and your needs?

I offer custom meditation script packages that are made only for you!

Package of 5x 500 word Custom Guided Meditations

Package of 5x 1000 word Custom Guided Meditations

Overall meditation scripts have such versatile uses and it’s ultimately up to you whether you want a pre-written one or one totally customized for you and your needs. What you can create with your scripts are also infinite! Enjoy the process of utilizing your meditation scripts and use them for the highest good of all!

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