If you want to manifest something I want to remind you that it is not so much about getting something that you don't have or becoming a different person to attract it or reaching outside of you for something, as the essence of the hearts desire is already within you. It's an embracing & allowing of it.

You are Love & you also have within you peace, abundance, freedom, joy & so much more as you hold the same divine qualities as Source. You also have a unique soul blueprint that you wanted to activate & embody in this lifetime so you could experience & transmit certain codes & qualities in your human experience.

We have been conditioned to think we are not worthy of these things and we must earn it & prove that we deserve it. We think we have to fix something or work hard to obtain feeling good & receiving love, that it cannot be as easy as accepting & honoring the sacred, divine being that we are & radiating the love that we are out into the world through our unique expressions of it.

This is another reason why my work is so much about supporting you in remembering, activating & embodying your true souls essence, because the more you unfold into who you are the more of those energies that you are seeking will naturally be experienced by you through surrendering to it & embracing more of is less of a chasing & trying to grab onto certain things but instead an embracing of your essence & a surrendering to that which you truly are which is what you are really seeking.

You hold the key, it's all within you. Anchor in your higher self more & more each day, reside in your souls essence. Use your creator abilities to receive your hearts desires through taking time to tune in & listen to your heart & allow the inspiration to emerge & then take the action from your inner guidance & alchemize the resistance that may arise. Be that embodiment of that which you truly are through the integration of all aspects of you, therefore not only experiencing heaven on earth within you, but also in your outer reality & on the planet for all to remember their own sovreignty 🦋

Much Love