Listening To Your Heart's Guidance Will Enhance Your Life & Support You In Being Grounded

Spiritual Quote & Message:

Being in touch with your heart, purpose, skills, passions, values, emotions, widening your perspective & feeling love, trust & joy is not unnatural or 'ungrounded' (artists/creatives/intuitives may have heard this).

If you live in a harmonious way, feel truly happy, honor the spiritual whilst embracing your humanity.. what a beautiful thing that is.

The most grounded people are in the present moment doing what they love, experiencing joy, love & also embracing the heavy emotions as they arise & awaken more to their true nature. They unfold with life and feel empowered to embrace & make the most out of their life in whatever way that looks like for them (we are all unique & hold different values & are called to do different things). They feel that overall life is good, feel supported, guided & like they belong here on earth & have come for a reason.

They are in this human experience whilst also allowing themselves to be soul led. Not operating soley from past conditioning or experiences, but open to learn, expand beyond their current perspective. Not escaping reality, but instead open & receptive to receive, express & embody their souls essence whilst naturally being of service to humanity (could be through their art, words, business etc or just the energy they have to share with those they meet).

We are evolving as humans into ones that are activating more of our DNA and awakening to our true selves & connection to all beings (including mother earth). This of course will transform someone's awareness & way of being & living in the world. People are becoming more loving, compassionate, wise & being channels for their unique essence & stream of consciousness. Its amazing & all part of the ascension/evolution journey that we are on as humans.

To be experiencing reality in an ungrounded way you would be to be:

- Consumed by loud, judgemental thoughts constantly filling up your mind(no peace/quiet)

- Trying to escape the present moment & cannot be (must do)

- Feeling disconnected to who you are

- Addicted to coping mechanisms

- Rejecting the body

+ More

Embrace your human experience & life on earth by tuning into your heart & being soul led 🦋

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