Light Language for the collective + a bit about me & Light Language

I remember the first time I heard Light Language (came across a video on youtube a few years ago) & thought it was so weird. BUT at the same time on a soul level I felt a resonance to it & felt drawn to it! Last year I started hearing Light Language in my head throughout the day & memories/visions were coming up of me speaking it in childhood. So this lead me to now embracing more of my multidimensional cosmic essence & allowing this Light Language to come through & bring light codes to the collective and the planet. There are many ways people can bring it through but at this time for me it comes through vocally and through hand movements. Its truly an amazing form of activation & healing for us as it speaks directly to our light body & DNA. So if you are listening to this Light Language transmission & thinking what the heck! I can relate! While our mind may not understand the sounds or tones our subtle bodies & subconscious mind will be embracing this multidimensional support & healing! Let me know how you found this transmission!

Much Love

I also offer Light Language Transmissions for $33 USD if you want one just for you.