Letting Go

For me ever since the lions gate portal things have really ramped up for me as being a channel & my soul wanting to shift & anchor fully into new timelines which requires me to let go of what is no longer in alignment. This weekend I felt a lot of grief as I surrendered to the path of expansion & transformation. My higher self came in & told me to have a ceremony/funeral for the old me, honoring my journey this far & being thankful for the lessons but it's time to release the old as new experiences, opportunities & relationships await. Often when there is a big expansion, awakenings, rebirths in our life the ego wants to grip on a bit tighter & there is a pull back from the inner child, wanting the familiarality, comfort & safety of the known & normal. This requires us to fully surrender & let go with grace & trust in the unknown. We have to understand that change is constant & everything is temporary. We need to honor the path that is leading us to grow & that our heart is guiding us towards. Know if you are not feeling drawn to certain people, places, activities anymore that is OK & it's a beautiful thing to shift & welcome in new things into your reality - this may cause discomfort but know it is for your highest good & having resistance will just cause you suffering so give yourself full permission to go with the flow of transformation. Much Love to you all going through these shifts, I see you & honor you 💜