June 4 Week Reset Week 1!

It's been the first week of the 4 Week Reset - Mind Body & Spirit Immersion & it's been powerful.

It's not every day that we sit with ourselves & ask how we really are on all levels of our being - mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually & how we would like that to look, feel & be like moving forward in our life honoring the calling of our heart & our vision.

This week was all about self awareness & our intentions & visions. We shone light on the parts of us that may be limiting us, keeping us in our comfort zone, is stuck in fear & resistance & ultimately affecting our intentions/goals/vision we have for ourselves.

We get to make the conscious choice to let go of certain beliefs, behaviours, emotions & ways of being that is not in alignment with where we are heading & who we truly are & what we want to be & do in our life.

It all starts within 🦋

Lydias workouts have enabled me to connect even deeper with my physical body & feel more grounded, embodied & present. I feel such a shift on all levels of my being as I make space to nurture my body through these movement practices & it allows me to get my energy flowing & also inspires me to continue looking after all aspects of my wellbeing!

We had a few people say they want to join the next round so if that is you then there is a waitlist on my website to join the next round September 2021! There are only 10 spots available so be sure to get on the waitlist to be notified when we open spots for the next round!

Much Love ✨