Judgement is something we have observed & learnt from the world around us, what is acceptable, good, praised & what isn't & then forming a conclusion about who someone is & what they are doing right or wrong or how they need to change. The root of judgement comes from humanities addiction to the dualistic polarities & needing to make someone an enemy & not seeing them as a part of you.To judge another by their appearance, beliefs, situation, way of being etc is ultimately a projection & reflection of what we feel inside us ~ it's a wound we need to heal & accept within us.

Ask yourself..who or what am I judging in my life right now? What am I not accepting & making wrong?

Life reflects to us that which we need to see in order to expand, alchemize & heal ~ often we think it's all to do with another person, situation etc when its revealing something within us that wants to be accepted & loved. When you stop judging yourself & embody more of your higher self you will no longer feel that inner resistance & ego place within that wants to judge another, as you see them just as you see yourself ~ a source energy being of love experiencing a life on Earth in human form & the oneness that we are. You will accept them as the being that they are & on their own unique journey embodying their unique frequency & understanding that you do not know their souls contracts or blueprint for this lifetime so how do you know that this isn't what their soul wanted to experience? Do not want to change another to make your ego more comfortable, but instead you can be a pillar of light, compassion & unconditional love.Some may come into this life to be in a very challenging situation, to be the victim or perpetrator, to live a life of poverty or of suffering for for their souls expansion & this may be all part of the divine plan to awaken to their divinity so they can then assist others.There is no one right way & we do not have to understand it all with our human minds but by releasing the suffering of judgement we can experience more joy & peace in our lives. Accept & allow what is & reside in our hearts & oneness ~ 💜