It is a time of awakening, discovery and integration – channeling the Pleiadian Council of Nine

A channeled message for the collective of humanity

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"We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine and we come through today full of love, full of light for you, for humanity, and for all beings. We wish to inform you of what we see in the current energies that are coming through for humanity as a collective consciousness.

We see you all doing your best navigating life as you go through these big shifts and changes within the energies and within the physical world. Many of you look outside and are beginning to become more conscious and more aware of what is happening and this is giving you great power because then you have the ability to do something about it. Whether it is a physical action or whether it is more energetic in nature.

Whatever you feel called to do at this time to elevate your vibration and expand your consciousness into new heights as you go forward in your life, is up to you. And you are the ones who are ushering in a new future for yourselves and for humanity. It is a time of awakening and integration.

Bringing love, forgiveness, and kindness to all parts of you and all parts of the world. To remember to oneness and love that you are. Where you cease to play in separation and victim consciousness. Where you choose to come back and step into your power and into your sovereignty and claim all that you are.

It is a time of remembrance, of remembering why you came. Not necessarily as a full download, but step by step trusting the discernment of your heart, following that inner calling, and knowing that you have a purpose in this lifetime. It’s about knowing and trusting that there are powers and abilities within you that want to shine and come forth.

You are a being of love, of peace, and are multidimensional at your essence. What dimension you play in is up to you. But know there are many beings of light that are here supporting you, guiding you, and that you are never alone.

Your greatest strength is your ability to reach out beyond what you’ve known and to use your pure intent for that which you desire from a heart-centered place, from that at a soul level. To expand and know yourself as Source, as an aspect of the One.

Be uniquely you in this life. Remember the intentions that you planted here. What was it that you wanted to cultivate? How was it that you wanted to impact humanity? What is it that will bring you back to your heart and back to the love that you are? What qualities will help you integrate everything that you have pushed away, suppressed, denied, or rejected? This time is for you to discover all of that.

Many blessings”.

Vocal channeled by Hayley Zammit on 31st October 2022

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