We can feel so expanded & high vibe & in alignment as we bring in the higher frequencies, codes, light from activations, upgrades from others, our spirit team, the cosmos the sun etc However after this comes a period of integration. This time is so necessary as these frequencies, light & codes come into our energetic bodies & physical body, through our chakras & cells. As this happens denser energies, low vibrations may want to leave our field & transmute as changes occur on a DNA & cellular level. During this integration process we may feel a bit off, like our vibe isn't as high, maybe feel like something is wrong but indeed this is all part of ascension & so the best thing we can do is give ourselves space, be in stillness & surrender. Allow old emotions to come up & be released, let go of judgements that you aren't doing enough, be present & just observe what comes up for you, let go of the resistance, love & care for yourself & be gentle & have compassion. Drink lots of water, eat nourishing food, have plenty of rest, meditate, journal, stretch, take time in nature whatever you feel you need at that time.The more you give yourself permission to just be, the more easeful & most likely faster the integration process will be. Flow with the cycles that we go through as a human being & trust it is all occurring for your highest good. You are doing amazing!

Much Love 💜