Integrating our Higher Self with our Human Self

Its easy to reject being human but we need to remember we came tp Earth to BE human - for our expansion. Its about merging the human self with the higher aspect / divine being that we are..

Being able to step back and see things from a higher perspective.

Don't be controlled by the human mind / ego / brain trusting in your inner guidance.

Knowing that we are ALWAYS supported and guided- see the signs that are being shown to us all the time..the messages that come from another that we are supposed to hear..

During our experience we will experience fear - you have the power to return back to the heart.

perhaps it is coming to your awareness so you can acknowledge this fear or limiting belief you hold and then let it integrate and transmute.

It is a blessing to be aware of and to acknowledge these - so you can get out of the old matrix. As our bodies become more light these denser emotions are coming up to the surface to be released so don't resist them - feel them, express them and let them go.

Embrace the human experience and have fun - just don't let it control you through fear and conditionings from society. Life is all about peeling back the layers of fear, conditionings,limiting beliefs so you remember who you are at a soul level and embracing the journey as it unfolds. As this happens you help raise the collective consciousness and therefore the ascension of the Earth.

Much Love