I was guided to share this message with the collective

I was guided to share this message with the collective today. It's from my book Raising up into the higher dimensions: channeled messages from the Pleiadian Council of Nine page 71

Choosing your path

There are many paths that you can take in this life and its up to you what one you walk down, but know you will be guided to take the highest path, the one that is most fulfilling and expansive for your soul that is in alignment with what you chose pre birth. Now is a time for aligning with that higher path, it's a time to clear away anything holding you back or wanting to keep you safe and in your comfort zone. You are here to break down those walls with love, to integrate and use the light of your divinity to shine light on that which is not truth, that which is not at the essence of your Source self. The human aspect is trying to catch up, trying to understand ,comprehend and ground the energies and ideas you receive and this is a process dear ones. The more you can be in stillness and center into your heart space, the more easeful and clear everything will become...

(cont in the book)