I see you

I see you. I see your worthiness, your divinity, your light..even if you don't.

You are so much more than you have been brought up to believe.

It is a time of great awakening and more people are remembering who they truly are.

Situations, relationships may be falling apart so be gentle and have compassion and love for yourself.

For when you look back you will see this was all part of your souls journey.

I was chosen to be on Earth at this time for my strength of heart and kindness and how i hold this presence. My energy is humble, kind and peaceful and im here to help with the ascension and to be a channel to bring through the higher knowledge and frequencies. I used to think i wasn't outgoing enough, loud enough etc but I now truly see my sensitivity, empathy, peaceful energy as an amazing unique essence I came in with and can see how it is needed in a world where people can be stuck in the busyness, stressy, mind focussed reality. I urge you to embrace your own unique essence and frequency and gifts for your soul wanted you here at this time for a reason. You have so much to give and to share even if you don't know exactly what that is right now - just follow your heart.

Much Love