I believe we are our own healers

A lot of people are never taught to feel their emotions, process them and release them. Emotions are stuffed down that are too hard to face and deal with or they use alcohol and drugs to numb the pain and distract them. Maybe it was taught from their parents telling them to stop crying when they were really upset or not feeling seen or heard when they needed their parents attention and presence. Or perhaps it was from societies social norms and conditioning.

If we hold in these feelings such as feeling unworthy or unloved, not good enough etc this often leads you to a dark place of mental unwellness and affects your day to day life in what you do and any dreams you set yourself for the future.

Our wounded inner child is always within us with those beliefs she took on growing up - until we acknowledge them and heal them.

Go through them, feel them - the sadness, hurt, rejection, shame, anger etc

Feel, let go and process these feelings, let them arise, surrender to the emotions and let them transmute and intergrate. Take the time to sit and to allow yourself to go through these feelings. Cry, scream whatever you need to do! Know that spirit and your guides are right there supporting and loving you!

Fell the freedom, love, gratitude and joy flow in!

Much love