I am supported & guided

I feel supported & guided in all ways

From the higher realms,

From source, the beings of light & love.

It began with a moment of surrender

A letting go of resistance

Being willing to open up to the possibility of there being more, beyond what my eyes could see

That there was meaning & purpose in my suffering

That there was something out there that would hear my call

And through my own free will of calling out & my strong intention

My prayer was answered

I experienced the grace of this universal power/source/god/divine

This created a trust

Which turned into a faith & knowing

I am always guided & supported

I am never alone

I am so loved

Often it isn't until something occurs in our life that triggers us to really ponder & question what life is all about & why we are here...what our purpose is & if our life really matters or makes any impact at all.. if we only get one life or if we come back..what's the point of all of this?

Know there is so much more to you that you may have been taught to believe. If you feel the call to discover the answers to some of these big questions, it's your soul calling you home, to remember who you truly are & why you came into this lifetime.

On a soul level you chose to come into this lower dimensional experience.. but you came to wake up from it in divine time, not to stay stuck in the outdated beliefs & programs & feel separated & in fear..but to awaken to your divinity & merge that with your humanity to embody your higher self & do what your soul intended to do, express, create & be in this lifetime.