Holding space for yourself

Growing up we were never taught how to process emotion, heartache, trauma etc how to hold space for ourselves & others, how to quiet the mind & go within, we were not told how powerful we are, how special we are with our unique essence & codes, about living in an energetic & vibrational world & the universal laws..& so much more! (for many of us- not all though!).

We had to figure all this out on our own throughout our life experiences & seeing life from the lens of our limiting beliefs, subconscious mind & programming from family & society & through the pain & suffering & ultimately feeling disconnected from who we really were...until one day something woke us up from this illusion of separation & needing all the external things & labels & status & being led predominately from the ego mind...

The call of our soul, our higher self, source, our hearts, wanting us to remember who we truly are & embracing all that we are & sharing that with the world.

First removing the beliefs & programming that is not our truth, questioning what is serving us for our highest good & what isn't, instilling new beliefs & behaviors, having daily practices & tools to assist us with aligning with our highest self & emitting our energy from that place.

Life will be filled of all kinds of experiences & lessons & emotions so it is key to understand & acknowledge this & be able to have the self empowerment, self love & worth & self responsibility to determine how you respond to these energies that arise & that you will be presented with in your reality.

Remember you are not a victim - you chose to come into this life as a human & to experience all there is to experience as a human - the feels, lessons & especially the joy & love & expressing your authentic self! Know that you do have the ability to change, transform & align with a new timeline & reality. From a heart centered, aligned place take the inspired action & go after your dreams & when limiting beliefs or obstacles arise you can work through them, see the gifts of them & commit to your souls expansion 💜

Much Love!

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