I believe we are our own healers - its the inner work we do that gets us into balance and alignment and peels back the layers. Its by going within that we can move through lessons and trauma and raise our frequency. Others can hold space for us and assist us on our journey for healing but we have the power to go within our own being at any moment to heal.

Are we feeling our emotion that are coming up to be felt and integrated and trasmuted? The ones we want to shove back down because they are too painful to feel? The shame, guilt, sadness from past events perhaps from childhood or a past life? Can you allow yourself just 20mins to just breathe and be in the present moment? perhaps you do yoga, mediation, walk in nature, dancing or whatever it looks like to you that brings you joy and into a higher vibration?

Our emotions/thoughts/beliefs have the greatest affect on our energy body and therefore then our physical body. Why is this important to know? Our bodies natural state is health and any physical problem that manifests in our bodies eg illness and disease in most cases is a symptom/by product of a deeper emotional problem. So we have the power to heal ourselves on a mental and emotional level before it gets to the physical level.

Healing is not always easy and comfortable so have patience and compassion for yourself and know you are supported and guided.

Much Love