Having a Strong Life Force Energy Flowing Through You Is One Of The Greatest Contributions

Updated: Nov 10

Spiritual Quote and Message:

Having your life force energy streaming through you powerfully filling you up with aliveness, inspiration & love is the most powerful force in the world. It directly impacts your quality of life. When this is weak & depleted nothing else really is more important than resting & coming back into a state of health. The things we deemed as important & urgent before, aren't really as important as we thought. They can be put on hold while we restore our energy. Work, money, experiences, possessions become insignificant as we realize we can't truly enjoy them when we cannot even get out of bed or have the energy to create, do the things we love or be of service to others.

We are unstoppable when our life force is unrestricted and can flow through us. We are powerful transmitters & transmuters of frequency. Our life force is the true form of currency in life. Although many of us get taught to chase things outside of us, not realizing this spring of wealth is already within us & is for us to cultivate & tend to. Through our conscious choice we can allow it to radiate & thrive as we go through life. And it's our happiness, peace, joy, love, inspiration & uniqueness that determines the strength of it, not by what we do from a depleted state, doing will be an effortless byproduct of being inspired and allowing our creative life force to flow.

May you remember the value & importance of your life force energy streaming through you wanting to be expressed & embodied in this lifetime. May you choose to focus on doing the things that light you up & fill you with joy & creativity & promotes your wellbeing. May the light of your consciousness shine upon anything that is causes an imbalance in this flow so you can restore it & shine brightly & thrive 🙏

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