Happy New Year! 2022

As you enter into the new year embrace all that you are. Allow yourselves to come back to your hearts and the light within you. There are many distractions in this human experience which prevent you from remembering and being the embodiment of your source self that you came here to be and your purpose. To put it in its most simple form it is to love. To be love, to receive it and to transmit it. To remember that you are a part of Source/God and life is flowing through you , it is a loving awareness and consciousness. This year come back to not only the remembrance, but the embodiment of this love and be the alchemist of your awareness that would perceive a different reality. Allow yourselves to explore, create and activate channels and energetic pathways within you and around you to let source flow and peace and love to permeate all and shift the quantum mechanics and structure of the dimensional existence that the collective of humanity remain in. Follow the vision and calling of god , of the source energy multidimensional being of love that you are. Let the armor and weapons you have stacked around you be dissolved in forgiveness and compassion. These coming times will require a relinquishment of all the density that you continue carrying within your body, heart and mind. Courage, faith and desire to align with the will of god and your higher self's consciousness will be pivotal at this time to maintain the sight of peace and sovereignty which is always yours.

Much Love,