Ground & know who you are

You may have been told you need to ground,

You may have people telling you you spend to much time dreaming & up in the higher realms,

You may feel safer there,

It may feel like home & you feel a more resonant frequency there compared to being on the Earth in what can feel like a dense, emotional & confusing place...

If you don't know your inner strength, power & worth then of course you feel this way!

You are so valid to want to spend more time where it feels safe & loving to you.

I want to remind you of your power, of your sovreignty & let you know that you belong here & you are here for a reason.

Let this reminder allow you to feel safe to ground & fully be here,

Knowing that you are not here by accident,

You chose to come here & just you existing here makes a difference on the planet.

Allow yourself to feel into your physical body knowing it's a divine vessel for your human experience in this lifetime,

Allow your body to intuitively move,

Nourish it & listen to what it needs,

Talk to it & give it instructions as your cells are listening,

Your body is not some seperate entity but it is connected with all other levels of your being,

Allow yourself to become present with your surroundings,

Enjoy this physical experience while still knowing you are a divine multidimensional being of Love.

Embrace all parts of you & know the more you can embody your higher self here in this lifetime the more fulfillment & joy you will experience through being fully here, connected to both the physical & spiritual.🦋✨

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