Give yourself permission to feel

When unpleasant emotions arise we can be in the present moment & process them by allowing ourselves to feel them and allow them to pass. These emotions in our human experience need to be honored & felt not suppressed or denied in any way. The intensity of these emotions will naturally dissipate, and yes it may arise again but it can then just be observed & not invested in. We don't have to attach a story to it and make it personal but instead see it through the eyes of Source. Journalling is a great tool sometimes but not when we are re telling a victim story without being willing to take a step back and see it from another perspective & know the Love that we are & the gift that is being presented to us. If we allow our ego to take on a story & strengthen an emotion such as sadness & allow it to grow into hatred, pity, resentment etc this causes unnecessary suffering in your experience.

Go with the flow of all the human emotions & don't push them away because they are too low vibe or don't want to face them, give yourself the sacred medicine of your own love & presence. Create space to just BE & FEEL honoring what is arising within you & have compassion for yourself. Allow yourself to move into the next present moment aligned with who you truly are beyond it all, as the emotions you are feeling are not who you are, they are just what you are experiencing in the moment. Choose to live in gratitude & presence