Freedom is your birthright

About five ago i was out in nature and i felt so connected and free. It was the first time I felt and understood that we are all one and all connected. I looked down and could see the grid of the Earth beneath my feet and connecting me with the trees and sky and everything. As I danced and skipped alone in the nature i felt completely free...and I knew that we are all free. It is only the programs and beliefs we hold that make us feel seperate, unsafe, stuck, constantly striving for more and unhappy with who we are. We have come into this life to play in this illusion because we wanted this experience but it does not need to control our life. Nobody can take away our connection to Love. It is always there it is up to us to access it within. Nobody can take away who we are at a soul level, our essence, the wisdom and gifts that we carry. Release the resistance and fear of shining your light and knowing yourself as powerful. Free yourself from all that is holding you down, making you feel like you don't have nay choices or options and release the internal fight of not accepting the now. Open up your awareness and your heart and claim your light. Come back to your center. Let Love heal and allow yourself to just BE. Accept yourself for who you really are and let go of the limitations and expectations you have put on yourself. Freedom is your birthright.