Free Distance Energy Healing Service

A free monthly distance healing service facilitated by Hayley Zammit

Are you or someone you know feeling...

  • Like you need some loving energy sent to you?

  • Like you need some energetic support?

  • Like you are willing to open to receive healing energies?

  • Like you are ready to surrender to a loving and healing energy and expand your awareness?

  • Like you can finally accept the love, and healing that is here for you?

  • Like you want to use your free will and conscious choice to come back into balance and harmony?

  • Like you are willing to create space to feel and transform things into a higher state?

If you have a distance healing request for yourself or another person or group, please fill out the form and Hayley will do the healing on the first Monday of the month coming (New Zealand time).

If you are receiving this healing, you are invited to create space in your day to be open and feel the love and healing that is present and flowing to you and accept it.

Request a healing for the first Monday of the month coming.

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