Feeling grateful, blessed, honored, nervous, excited ✨ Iv reached a place where all the things I wanted have manifested in my life..working for myself from home, own my beautiful house, have more money in my bank account than ever before, have a loving relationship, strengthened my intuition & have loads of creations that want to channel through me.

As I set new prayers & intentions & open myself up further to push my boundaries & create more impact in the world coming from my heart & being soul led iv witnessed that we can often feel a push back from the inner child, resistance & fear may arise & more parts of us want to be integrated & loved so we can move forward embodying more of our higher self & our divinity.

Allow this to happen & take time for self love & allow integration to occur. Embodiment takes one loving step at a time! This is not a step back but instead it's allowing space for expansion to occur, it is all part of the ascension journey. This is also embracing the divine feminine within, honoring your needs & nurturing yourself, being receptive to the emotions arising within & also feeling into the support that is all around you.

Much Love 💜