Every person & experience can be a messenger and teacher for you

Our life will flow and transform once we have accepted and made peace with the lesson that is right here for us. Everything around you is speaking to you, offering you wisdom, and teaching you something, but it is up to you to acknowledge it, listen to it and learn from it through the center of your heart.

Everything in life wants to grow, expand and transform into a higher state, into its natural state of love and oneness. So if you find you feel stuck, are experiencing the same trigger over and over, and are in a constant battle with resistance or situation, this can be a sign that you are ignoring what is here for you now. Something wants your presence and to be integrated by you through the light of your awareness and your love and acceptance of it. There is treasure here for you that you haven't found yet.

Life is happening for you, so when you truly trust in that, life feels more expansive, limitless, joyful, peaceful, loving, and inspiring and you work with it, not against it. More awakenings and unfolding occur through more joy, flow, and grace instead of suffering, as you willingly are the student of life. Remember the Oneness of you and all things.

Ultimately, this life experience contains messengers and teachers from that which you are at soul/source level for you to bring love & acceptance to, as well as to have an expansion in consciousness from. This is done through the physical form of people, nature, animals, and events which affect you emotionally, mentally, physically. There are many varying vibrations and expressions stemming from the core essence of Source/God which is Love, especially as you move from the higher dimensions to the lower, so it is up to you to notice what is arising in your direct experience and what perhaps needs your allowance and acceptance. You may not be able to love it right away but perhaps you can make peace with it, see some beauty or gift in it or just honor and accept the free will and creative force that exists in the world that is not up to you to control or change but instead to see it for what it truly is. Drop the mind into the heart so you can perceive more clearly that which is here for you.

Much Love 🤍