Ep 2 - You are more powerful than any perceived limitation page 24

Transcription from YouTube video (may be word errors):

The page I was guided to today was page 24 you are more powerful than any perceived limitation, so I'm going to read the whole message. We come through today with a message of hope, a message of encouragement and a message of remembering who truly are There are many things in this world that may appear to keep you small, keep you insignificantt and to implant hierarchical structures into your programming. There may be times of hardship and discomfort but it is to know that you were stronger and more powerful than any limitation that others may place upon you. You came here with a mission and to be and express all that you are as a soul. It is time to claim it and go within and discover the power for yourself. Integrate that which needs to be integrated and open your heart to all there is. Love, compassion and grace is needed now for you and for the collective at this time and the more you do this the more you will shift and be able to perceive differently than before. You have come this far and you will keep going. Hone your abilities and gifts and honour them and know what an impact you can make with them.

So what are powerful and encouraging message, that is especially for these times that we are in. For some of us we may be feeling quite emotional or we may be coming into the victim state of consciousness, we may feel powerless so this is really a great message. It's really an invitation to remember who you truly are, to remember your power and remember that yes you are a human and you are in this human experience but you are also an aspect of Source, you are a divine being too, so it's to integrate that into life and know it and feel it within your body. Allow that higher self consciousness part of you or your Source consciousness whatever you want to call it to meld with that human awareness so we can see different and that we can perceive differently. So you can be in an expanded state of consciousness and go beyond the limitations that you perceive that is not fixed. So I want to go back to that sentence where it says there are many things in this world that may appear to keep you small, keep you insignificant and implant hierarchical structures into your programming. So as you go through your life there may be experiences where you do feel small you don't feel good enough, you suppress parts of you because you don't feel that they're accepted and growing up especially in this western society there's so many programs that from childhood we take on from our family, from our teachers, from caregivers from what we see happening in our world, from the TV and news and media. So as a child we take on all the stuff where we are perceiving so much and taking it on and what can happen is it can feel faded or like there's like a wall or some sort of block up there and the beliefs and programming that we take on arn’t in aalignment and don’t resonate with who we truly are and that can really cause a lot of suffering to us.

An important part to remember with this is not to get so angry, I mean it's a perfectly normal reaction to have to be like if all the stuff didn't happen if I didn't take on all the stuff then I wouldn't be suffering so much. But it's to remember that you as a soul chose to come into the family that you're in, the body that your in and you chose to come into this human experience for all of this. It is to acknowledge that your parents or whoever, did the best they could with what they knew with their level of awareness and they could be very stuck in again what they've been taught and all their own programming so they didn't realise that they were putting all the stuff onto you and so it's too really acknowledge that and know that today is a new day, I'm an adult now, now that I'm aware of this stuff I can choose to say no thank you or no that's not reasonating with me, that belief or those thoughts are not in alignment with what my higher self would think. And all these things and then you start to really take care of your vibrational frequency and to also know that everything is happening for you so all these perceived limitations or barriers or experiences that may seem unwanted was part of this growth experience to get you to be the person you're are today to really go within and claim your power as often when these things arise that trigger us is that we do go within or else there’s nothing really that gives us a reason to go within. What can happen is that in a lot of people can start on their spiritual journey and going within as when things happen that almost causes you to go within and so it's to know that you are so much more powerful than any of these things that may have been placed against you, that may have caused you to feel certain way and it's too really have love and compassion for yourself on this journey and move forward from that place.

Knowing you did the best you could on your journey too and now there's a new moment to choose, I'm going to keep that, I'm going to let go of that, I'm going to open up to receive this, I stand in my sovereignty. There may be times of hardship and discomfort but it is to know that you are stronger and more powerful than any limitation that others my place upon you, yeah so we went into that already and you know it's all for all our souls the expansion you know, we chose to come into the third dimensional reality we knew that there was going to be a whole lot of varying emotions and vibrations and experiences here so it's a really accepting that and embracing who you are and navigating this human experience the best that you can. You have come here for a mission and to be and express all that you are as a soul it's time to claim it and go with them and discover the power of for yourself so when you really go through that process of becoming So when you really go through that process of becoming aware of all those beliefs and emotions that you may have stuffed down and all that stuff that's when you really claim your power because you know that you really can do anything. You can alchemize emotions, you can process them, you can consciously choose how you're going to emit your energy, what you're going to feel, what you going to think and you really become aware of who you truly are beyond that which was taken on growing up and thinking that you know you are the voice and your mind and that's who you are and you become aware that you are the awareness that streaming through you that is always there that is that loving divine presence and that you're part of Souce and so you just feel that sense of power that sense of sovereignty as you move forward. You remember that you came into this lifetime for a purpose, for a reason and so it is really time to be like okay I'm going to listen to my heart, I'm going to be soul led. I know I came here for a reason so I'm going to surrender to how my life force energy wants to move through me, how or what creations want to come through me, where am I being guided to go etc. So then you start operating more from your higher self consciousness and embodying that in human form compared to being so stuck in this human awareness you're really integrating the two, the heart and the mind. You really express your own unique frequency and essence, nobody is like you and so what a gift you are to the world.

Integrate that which needs to be integrated and open your heart to all, that is integration it's all about being with those parts of you that are hurt, that were suppressed, maybe we weren't seen or heard. You being the one that brings it in, brings love and presence to all those parts. Not rejecting anything, not wanting to push anything away it's all about kind of you being that light and being come here all parts of me come back to love come back to that which you truly are I'm here I love you I forgive I'm open I accept you, and it's just the most healing thing. There is always going to be in more parts of us to be integrated and loved so as they arise then you can do that it's not about digging into the past or digging into lower states out of nowhere, but when it arises in your reality or when you feel the emotions coming up that's when you'll be with it. Open your heart, walk around the earth, around the world with an open heart, radiate that out. Love is the true essence that Source is. that we all are. We all know how good it feels to feel loved to be loved and we all know that when we don't feel that then we can tend to act out of hate out of fear out of all that stuff. Know that you can always tap into your own heart through your pure intent and through your focus and you can radiate that out to yourself and two others in the world as much as you like. What a gift that is. Love, compassion and grace in needed now for you and for the collectective. Yes so walk around with that open heart, with that loving, compassionate and graceful energy, those divine feminine qualities will be really healing to so many people and the collective consciousness the Earth. The more you do this the more you will shift and be able to perceive differently than before so it's when we start truly embodying who we truly are and claiming that more and more our reality will shift. It’s like we are seeing through new eyes, we see the beauty, we see the sacredness, we see the divinity in everything we feel differently. So it's like our reality has completely changed and shifted where you can have a friend who is with you but sees the world totally differently because it's through those lenses it's through that state of consciousness that we're perceiving from that really matters.

It's really bringing in those vibrations and higher states of frequency into your physical body into the Earth so it's not just sitting in meditation, visualising and going off, it's about being in direct experience with life here and now in your physical body. How can you be that embodiment of love through your unique way, through who you are. You've come this far and you will keep going. Hone your gifts and abilities and honor them and know what an impact you can make with them. So this isn't just about spiritual abilities this is any natural gifts and abilities that you have. Maybe you're a really good listener, maybe you're really creative at making something, maybe you like using colour and art, or maybe it's sound or maybe it's writing or maybe it's speaking and uplifting people. Whatever it is you came into this lifetime with these gifts and abilities and through your life you will discover more as well and tap into those other parts of you with different abilities and gifts that perhaps you haven't discovered yet so it's really to know you came into this life with this blueprint and things that just come naturally and easy to me and I love it and it's joyful and fun and you do that and you express that,

In today's society it's so easy to get caught up in consuming content seeing what other people are doing and almost getting so involved in their life and their energy and what they're doing and you wanting to be like other people when it's really key to always come back to yourself, to your direct experience with life, what you are here to do and be and transmit out into the world. A little quote or saying that I like to think of is to create more than I consume and I think that's really important honouring your own being and what you have to offer the world and consume some information here and there if you want that will benefit you, that will assist you, but don't be so fixed and caught up in other people's lives because you know, you're who you are the awareness of consciousness that loving presence is coming through this body through who you are as a human. So really honour that and that's really a gift to the world and you can make a huge impact being you. You are important you are like a piece of the puzzle and there's no one like you. You are perfect as you are so the more you embrace and accept who are the more joy you will experience, the more joy the world will experience and the more the Earth and the planet and the collective consciousness will shift. It's really a beautiful place to be able to honour everyone and their own unique way and their own unique embodiment and expression of their divinity and their source self and really fulfilling their purpose and following their heart and their calling. You know, you can't go wrong you can't go down a wrong or bad path when you follow your joy, follow your heart and trust your intuition and be who you are here to be. So be your authentic self, know your powerful, process an alchemize emotions as they arise. All the beliefs or the thoughts or the hierarchical programming all of that you can go beyond them. These are perceived limitations that you can break out of and you can live as a sovereign divine being feeling powerful feeling like the most authentic and really embrace this process of unfolding, this is a life where there's always expansion so enjoy the process. Much love and I'll see you for episode 3.