Ep 1 - Raising up into the higher dimensions: messages from the Pleiadian Council of Nine - Page 50

Episode 1 // Rest & Receive - page 50

Welcome to episode 1 of the series where we go deeper into the messages in the book Raising up into the higher dimensions: channeled messages from the Pleiadian Council of Nine! Today I was guided to turn to page 50 - Rest and Receive.

Before you read this blog post I invite you to close your eyes, tune in and connect to your heart space. Invite the Pleiadian Council of Nine to be with you if you wish, to perhaps provide you with some more insight with these messages and to feel their energy.

Firstly, when I was guided to this page to share with you all today I was like yes! I don't know about you, but for me this January 2022 hasn't been so much about creating - more being and receiving and forming that foundation for the rest of the year. I have been feeling so much bliss and love so for me it's been very much allowing these activations to happen and receiving what I'm here to bring through this year so it very much aligns with the title of the message that we are sharing today! Last year I did so much creating - created programs, published two books and a journal and was very much in that flow state (which is very key to be productive because it feels effortless!).

"Raising up into the higher dimensions will not only enable you to feel more love, peace and harmony in your life, but it also makes it easier for you to communicate clearly with beings in the higher realms".

So as I have said before, raising up into the higher dimensions is all about having an increased/higher vibration and state of consciousness. It's not about us going anywhere, humanity doesn't need to worry about that right now - there will be a point where we will be more of our light bodies instead of being so physical, but for us right now we don't have to worry about that! So its all about us raising our vibration and expanding our consciousness so then we can experience more love, peace and harmony. In the lower dimensions duality does exist, but as we move up into the higher dimensions, it doesn't. We don't have to be stuck in duality, stuck in separation, stuck in suffering, so this is really an invitation for you to know that you can experience more peace, love and harmony in your life, it is possible to do so. This is the ascension journey we are all on, remembering more of who we truly are beyond just this physical body, remembering our divinity, so it's how we we integrate our humanity and our divinity. How can be be the vessels of our higher self, how can we merge our human awareness with our higher self's consciousness (and its kind of a paradox because our humanness is divine and there are many aspects to us). So when the next part goes on to say "makes it easier to communicate with beings in the higher realms", it comes back to what I have said and the Pleiadians have said about the heart portal, its the space where we can go within and access so much. It's remembering that the universe is inside of us, we as humans we like to put things as concepts and labels instead of recognizing all these seemingly different beings and states of consciousness and everything that is part of Source, is within you. What is required for us to move into the higher dimensions is to move into non duality, because as long as we stay stuck in duality we are remaining in the lower dimensions. Also know we can oscillate between these different dimensions because we have so many thoughts, emotions, beliefs etc on a daily basis, but what we want to do is really anchor ourselves onto a higher timeline in a higher dimensional reality, for us and for the collective of humanity. The more of us that go within ourselves and allow the processing and alchemization to occur, the we affect everything around us, as within so without. So when the message talks about communicating with other beings, being in that stillness and having a higher vibration and frequency its more of a match to those being that are in the higher dimensions.

"Your intuition and subtle senses will be more fine tuned to receive what they are offering to you via codes, energy, information, as you will be a closer match and more resonant in your own frequency".

Be open to receiving from spirit from Source without being attached to what it should look like. A perfect example was when I began consciously tuning in to connect with my star family. I wasn't receiving English words, what I was receiving sounded like another language, so it would of been easy for me to discount that , to disregard it and say I'm not receiving anything, but I was receiving so much - light language transmissions (light, energy & information). I could also hear tones, frequencies and melodies that sounded like it was not from this earth! So just don't become fixed or attached to what the communication should be like. For me being very clairaudient (hearing) and claircognizant (knowing) I hear and know a lot compared to seeing visions etc, so I had to let go of what or how other channels or intuitive people would receive and transmit messages and communication and I had to honor the way it was coming through for me and how I translate frequency. I had to open up to however it was going to come through and look like. Whether you feel so much love and energy or whether you see images or hear information, so be it! Remain in your own frequency, your true soul's essence by being anchored in your heart. We all have our own unique soul's blueprint, as a soul we have had many lifetimes, we have many qualities within us within being part of the One Source. So it's honoring that, and going through the processing and alchemizing that is required to peel away the layers that aren't who you are. This life isn't so much about becoming anyone, it's more embracing and accepting who you are already. It's a peeling away of everything that isn't you, all the conditioning and coming back to who you are through the alchemy and integration.

"It is important to understand that no matter who you are you have the ability to do this, nobody is exempt from being able to receive from Source as you are all Source energy beings".

This is so important, this isn't for the select few, this is for everyone as we are all Source energy beings, we all can do this. Some of us may feel very sensitive to energy and that's really beautiful that you can notice and take in this information more consciously. Some of us may feel that we have blocked this ability out from childhood. 5 know I did - I remember as a child I could talk to spirit, I would feel them and it would be very overwhelming. I remember telling them to leave me alone and also distrusting myself when my parents wouldn't believe me when I felt beings around. So then many of us go through our lives and then our abilities will be activated in divine time. This is all part of being in the third dimension, the lower dimensionality reality, we do feel separate, separate from Source/ God, from others and so what is really healing is remembering that we are One. So if you want to tune in and connect with spirit and Source then know you absolutely have the ability to do so.

"However the more you hold any density, trauma, low vibrations and close off your heart the harder it will be".

So that goes back to what I said before about by raising our vibration and frequency we can be a bit more receptive to the higher dimensional beings that want to communicate with us. When we are holding in so much trauma, sense emotions that stuff wants to come up and be processed and alchemized into a higher state. What can happen if we keep holding in all the hurt, blame, hate etc we can close down our heart. SO if we are in that space and trying to communicate with spirit it's going to be quite hard because they are on a different wavelength so most likely what could happen is they will try to communicate with you when you are most receptive such as when you are falling asleep as you are out of the pain, out of the mind. SO raising up into the higher dimensions does include this process of alchemy, allowing yourself to process emotions from past events. Trauma isn't necessarily one big event, trauma is when you don't know how to process something that has happened, you don't know how to deal with the situation, some of us go into fight, flight or freeze. Perhaps you go numb or dissociate or perhaps you feel very hurt and stuff it down pretending its not there and not give yourself permission to express how you are feeling and letting the emotion flow. So we want to be the alchemists of our energetic state, ultimately when something happens we want to be able to process it in the moment, but for many of us we either don't feel safe in the moment to do so or feel its unacceptable to do so or not allowed or worried about what other people may think of us. When we release the traumas and density within us we can then anchor in the higher vibrations and activate parts of our DNA when we are vibrationally ready whether it be gifts and abilities, memories etc that are for us to assist us in our life but first we need to go through that process of alchemy. We came here to be humans and to experience emotions and life in physical form so its not bad to experience these things, its for us, for our souls expansion, so its to honor that and go through that process.

"We ask that you all have compassion for yourselves as you raise up into the higher dimensions as it's not always an easy task as there is a lot that needs to be released and purged beforehand".

So yes compassion is really key as sometimes it will feel like you are dying, there will be these phases where you feel like you are letting go of so much and that letting go can be sometimes like a good thing yes the trauma, density etc but also the letting go can be letting go of the comfort, the norm, the familiar and that can be really scary. So whether that's the case and you are going into the unknown or whether we are feeling the emotions to alchemize them, compassion is really key. Connect in with your heart, invite in spirit and Source, create a sacred space. Don't judge yourself, have compassion - this is happening for me, this process is needed, Im going to allow it etc as what we resist persists so if you can have courage and compassion to allow those things that arise to be, accept and surrender to them, then you can move forward. Rather than feeling like your always in the same situation, or going through the same cycles , recognize its for you to feel, learn etc.

"We ask you to take this process with ease and grace. Allow emotions to flow, see the gifts and lessons for what they are and maintain balance and harmony within your being as often as you can".

So when you can allow them to flow and expand your consciousness, instead of coming solely from that human awareness that may feel like a victim in that moment, we can anchor into the heart and open up and see the gift here, you see the higher perspective. So you want to anchor into your heart, into that balanced place within you as often as you can, you don't want to get caught up in healing or processing. Spend the time doing that but don't stay in those states, you wan to come back to your sovereignty , to your heart whether that feels like peace, joy, love etc.

"We can't stress enough the importance of taking time to rest and just be. This is not being lazy, it's being your own healer and is very productive beyond what the ego can understand. Give yourself permission to do this - as you are the only ones who can".

In this society we are really taught to go go go, hustle and almost completely bypass what we are feeling or experiencing and we don't give ourselves permission to just be. It's when we give ourselves permission to just be that we can receive so much. If we are doing, doing, doing, how can anything get through? Its important to know that being is just as important as doing. Do after you have been being and you have received inspiration to act. Or if you are doing be conscious, be aware of what you are doing rather than operating from that sleep walking state. In todays society its time to bring in more of the feminine qualities and essence of being, receiving, intuition etc and you will find when you give yourself permission to be you will get into that flow state where you are very productive and it will feel effortless rather than stressed and worn out. We are the only ones who can make changes, shifts, alterations and listen to our heart, so we really have t be the ones that recognizes what we value and what is important to us. Think about the world you want to live in..is it one of harmony, peace, love, joy and grace? Or is it the one that we have been living in of stress, hustling of separation and struggle? The choice is ours.

Rest and receive - make the intention to so so this week!

Much Love,