Emotion is energy in motion.

All emotion is energy in motion, it cannot be destroyed but i can be transformed. When you feel high vibrations such as love, harmony, joy, bliss you can share this with the world through your presence, creations, actions, thought, through the codes you emit from your being. With lower denser energies you can give yourself space to acknowledge, validate and feel them so you can them alchemise it, transform it, transmute it (there are many ways to do this). As you integrate these aspects (let it be emotions, beliefs, trauma etc) that want to be seen, felt, loved, you become more whole, you claim more light, more of who you are as a soul. You heal through bringing your conscious awareness to them and letting them go. You are a transmitter and transmuter of frequency, what will you bring into your field and put out into the world today? You are truly a powerful sovereign multidimensional being. Thank you for this lightwork that you do.

Much Love