Don't be a sponge, be the awareness

This moment is perfect as it is, it does not need to be different or fixed. When we remain anchored in our hearts and are aware of our divinity and the oneness of all, we allow the unfoldment of what is, we observe life being lived and expressed and can experience heaven on earth now.

When we are by ourselves or with others we can be awake and aware of our true self and not draw our awareness into other streams of consciousness that may be existing in a lower dimensional reality, we can just observe it and accept it for what it is and remain in presence and remember the love and oneness that is here for us.

If we have unprocessed energy within that is wanting to be healed we may not experience neutrality in the moment, we may feel an internal response within us from a situation in our life. Our outer world may give us an experience where we feel triggered and give us the opportunity to release and alchemize this blockage that stayed stuck within us from a traumatic situation that we didn't know how to process in the past.

Through compassion, presence and love we can let go, forgive, accept within our own being therefore as we move forward we can also bring this remembrance of wholeness that we had for ourselves to others and allow the ascension process to unfold as it should.

So do we embrace and allow the transformation of energy to occur so we can become clear channels for source energy and consciousness or do we shove it down and resist the flow of life that is happening for us, as us? The choice is ours.

Much Love,