Do you experience anxiety & overwhelm?

Do you experience anxiety & overwhelm❔

Beautiful soul, It's amazing that you have a big vision & dream..

It's amazing that you want to be the best version of you...

You are here to do big things & shine your light & I know you can do whatever is in your heart!

But how do you feel in the process?

Excited or overwhelmed?

In the flow or frustrated?

Embracing the now moment or feeling a inner resistance to what is?

As humans our vibrational state can fluctuate throughout the day, but what's the most dominant vibration you are experiencing?

If you are so focused on the future & don't honor the present moment you are in & how amazing you already are, then this can cause anxiety & overwhelm...

Hold your vision in your heart & take some time to nurture it... But stay grounded & anchored in this now moment where infinite possibilities & potentials exist & you can receive guidance & inspiration for the next steps to take.

The keys & the magic to experiencing that which you wish for while not being overwhelmed or anxious, are in the daily practices you do...

the meditation,

the movement,

the empowering words you say or listen to,

the breaths you take,

the thoughts you think,

the energy you emit,

the play & laughter,

the beauty & blessings you notice all around you,

the way you choose to respond to certain things

These things will lay the foundation to support you on your journey so you can remain in your center, you can know what the right decision is to make & ultimately feel empowered & worthy of your highest vision & embody that.

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