Do it because it makes you happy

Do the thing. Play. Laugh. Explore. Smile. Dance. Sing. Create. Learn. & So much more!

There are so many things we can do in every moment that can raise our vibration & bring more happiness into our lives. Often we think other things are more important so these little things we can do which can completely transform our day emotionally, mentally, physically, take a backseat..before we know it maybe the whole week has passed & you haven't done one thing that actually lights you up..maybe your week has been work, sleep & repeat and the main emotions you have been feeling are tired, stressed, bored, uninspired etc

You do not need a reason to bring happiness into your life, you deserve happiness & love, joy, abundance, playfulness & so much more on the daily, it's your birthright! It is up to you to cultivate this within you, through your way of being & having the pure intent to experience this in your life. It can be through the beliefs you hold, the thoughts you think, the emotions & feelings you invoke & the things you physically do.

It's not about finding temporary happiness from things outside of you, it's about cultivating it within you. No matter who, what, where you are you can tap into this energy & embody it. Knowing the things that spark this happiness within you. Also witnessing this happiness being reflected back to you through your outer world through being in the present moment.

Life doesn't have to be so serious, this is a reminder to lighten up, sing that song even if you think you don't sound good, let your body move intuitively to that song you like, do something nice for someone else just coz you can & it brings you happiness to do so. Make your happiness a priority if it's something that is important to you & you want to cultivate more of it within your life...& watch it not only affect you but those around you ✨