Distance Energy Healing Worldwide

A 60min Distance Energy Healing Session with Hayley.

This session includes a 45min Energy Healing + 15mins time allowance for post healing check up & to provide you with any intuitive insights that came through during the session via email.

Are you feeling dis-ease on a mental emotional or physical level? Feeling a bit out of balance? Receive & accept energy healing & love being transmitted to you from the comfort of your own home!

At the time of your distance session all you need to do if be in a safe & comfortable space and be open, receptive & willing to receive healing. Lie on your bed or floor and create a nice space for yourself - maybe put some relaxing music on, light a candle, get a blanket etc

Hayley will light a candle & create a sacred space. She will get heart centered & raise her vibration to be a clear channel for the healing energy. She will set an intention based upon the information you have provided for the session & begin the energetic transmission. During a session Hayley will send healing energy to your main 7 chakras & will also focus in on your mental, emotional, spiritual & physical bodies. If you want her to focus on a particular area on your body then she will also do that. This is a very intuitive process & Hayley allows & is guided rather than forcing or controlling where it should go!

You will also have access to 3 days email support post session.

Sometimes we do want to receive healing from another & have someone to hold space for us & introduce a higher vibrational energy into our field when we may not be in the state to do so. But Hayley wants to empower you to be your own healer! She does not want you to rely on her to feel better, but she does invite you to go within & give yourself your own love & presence and to move forward standing in your power. From this session Hayley invites a higher vibrational frequency into your field to accept & embody within yourself.

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