Daily intentions

No matter what you do on any day, let it have intention.

Center into your heart space before you speak or take action, or leave the house & head to work.

Remember your divinity & your true essence.

Be present throughout your day & make your daily life a ceremony through the gratitude & blessings of the little things through to the miracles you witness.

If you find yourself caught up in the daily hustle, dealing with all kinds of people & tasks, feeling like you are on mental & emotional rollercoaster & being sucked into fear, lack, separation.. take a breath & come back to your center, remember your sovereignty.

You can choose inner peace & compassion.

You can choose to create healthy boundaries from a place of love.

Be self aware & honour those around you & all the experiences that are being had, but don't get caught up in it & be a sponge to everything around you.

Be in harmony & balance within & be a strong channel of light & peace for all through your own self empowerment & energetic mastery 💜

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