Custom Meditation Scripts & Audios

I just finished writing a 1000 word meditation script for a client and was reminded how I love creating meditations that support people in connecting within, with spirit, with energy and so much more. Meditation can support us in so many ways including in activation and healing on all levels of our being. We can tune into who we really are and our multidimensional nature and journey beyond the physical realm. When we first begin a meditation practice it may just to be to reduce stress or help us cope in our daily life, but it can offer us so much more than that. When we can surrender to a meditation we can use it as a gateway to expand our consciousness, tap into our hearts and into so much wisdom and love that is there for us which can be perceived beyond our limited human awareness.

~ If you are wanting a meditation script written or an audio created for personal or business use feel free to email me or purchase online (script up to 500 words & audio up to 30mins - if you want longer ones then just email me & let me know what you are wanting!)

Much Love!