Creating space to go within

The thing I love about meditation, sound healing or any practice where we create a sacred space to go within, is that the simple act & intention of being willing to open up & surrender to the present moment & to our own presence is what is so healing. (We often want to make it so complicated & let our conscious mind take over & have control of the process).

Allowing what is to just be, without making it bad or wrong but allowing ourselves to experience what needs to be felt, processed, remembered, activated, healed or whatever is in our highest good to be experienced by us in the moment.

To finally take a pause on thinking & doing & just taking a sacred moment for you to bring your awareness within, to actually know what is feels like to feel unconditional love, bliss, connection to all that is & true freedom. Because when we are so focused on the outer world we can get caught up in so much dense energy, in the goals of others, societies standards & the daily grind without questioning if this is actually our truth & how we want to live our lives & if it is actually fulfilling & joyful for us.

With any practice or moment we create to tune in yes we can have an intention for it, but we can also just be open to receive & be..beyond what the linear human mind can understand, but to know there is so much happening on a quantum level & beyond what the eyes can see.