Compassion for others

I have deep compassion for those who are experiencing suffering. Some end up so overwhelmed with pain, hurt, shame etc that it spills out towards other people via physical, verbal or emotional abuse. This is unintentional most of these time as they do not really mean to cause harm to another, they just want to feel better & do not know how to deal with the emotions that are coming up within them. No matter who we are, we all want to feel unconditional love & wholeness within.This is why having compassion is really important, to be able to understand that we all go through certain degrees of suffering in our lifetime, we all experience a whole range of emotions & some may be difficult to process through, especially if you have never been taught as a child how to do this. Through having compassion we can stand back (not attach or become a match to their pain) & understand that they are needing to process energies within & we can see them as their higher self already healed & whole, we send them love & blessings, offer support & presence, but also allow them to go through what they need to go through in order for their souls expansion & healing as we cannot override the soul expression of another. Everyone has free will & can decide that they are ready to surrender & consciously make the decision to let go of the resistance to what is causing suffering & to allow the light within to shine, to alchemise the energies that are ready to be transformed & to allow healing to take place. This can require deep humility & can be difficult to the ego structure that is holding on so tightly, so often this is why people have to go to breaking point, to rock bottom, to then have no option but to surrender to the process unfolding, to let go & allow & surrender & let the rebirth occur & to pray & invoke the assistance of source, higher self, of beings in the higher realms to assist. The best thing we can do for ourselves to prevent prolonged suffering or dis-ease is to not suppress who we are, to express ourselves authentically, to release stored emotions & trauma, to rewire our belief systems, to cultivate self empowerment, self love, forgiveness, self compassion within.