Collective Message

Channeled Writing

Love and compassion are indeed great virtues right now. Nurture yourself. Know this is all you need to do right now. Go with the flow and be.What do you enjoy doing right now? Are you feeling fulfilled in your daily activities? How can you bring more of this loving energy into all things you do moving forward? It is about trusting that you are here for joy and love. You are not here for stress and worry. Yes it is all part of the duality consciousness but you are all waking up to the fact that life is a game to be played with lightness. It is not so serious. What can you do that lights you up? Be unapologetic about this. There is no need to wonder what others or society might perceive. You are a loving being of light with so much to uncover within you. It is time to brush aside the logic for a bit and let your heart play. Let your inner child play. Feel the freedom and joy and presence that is possible. It is truly a pivotal time to be alive. rust it is all working out in your favour and that you will look back and see that this was all necessary to your evolution.