Channelled message from last week

It is necessary for what is going on on the planet at this time. You are all shifting in a big way even if you do not consciously recognize it. These are the beginning times of a great civilization and society that Earth will evolve into. More peace, love and harmony. But first the old programs and ways of being must fall away. At this time we ask you to focus inwards. It is going within that it opens you up to receiving more than you can ever imagine. Yes we know we discuss this a lot but the importance of it is key in your progression as a human at this time. There are many of you waking up to more of who you are, questioning, wondering and asking the big questions about life and why you are really here. Yes this indeed happened with our beloved channel too as when things fall away you start to consider more options, you start to question the things you have been told and if it is true for you or is there another path that your soul is longing for. You are all doing such a wonderful job at this time and yes there are still some of you really struggling and fighting against the changes. Our question to you is what are you afraid of? Why are you resisting the unfolding of new pathways? If you could only see what we know is possible and what will be happening on Earth as you trust and surrender to the ways of the crumbling of the conditionings. We ask you all to put your attention to what lights your heart up. To go with the moments of inspiration and excitement. To allow yourself to create a life that brings you joy and fufills you. Yes there will always be experiences which may seem difficult or uncomfortable at first but this is all part of the ascension journey of evolving as a soul , a collective and planet. We are supporting and guiding you along this journey - you did not come here to do this alone.