Channeling The Pleiadian Council of Nine 1/3/21 - message about uncertainty

Uncertainty & change is constant for you can never truly know what is ahead for you on your path. The future is uncertain as you can change timelines that you are on, you can time travel & see different paths & doors that can exist for you in your reality. We ask that you embrace uncertainty for what it is, become curious, allow yourself to flow with what happens in your life especially with those things that you cannot truly control. Uncertainty is a place where you can accept what is & know that life is always happening for you, regardless of what your ego structure may claim it to be at the time. Dear ones know that you do not want to know everything, you do not want to see everything in your future nor do you want to understand it all. You wanted to experience all that life has to offer you & to play, explore & create. Uncertainty is not something to be feared or resisted, instead seen as an opportunity for further growth, expansion, lessons & to be in the present moment now. The more you are fixated on future outcomes or events you pull yourself out of this current now moment & you are resisting life & the gifts that are here for you now. Make peace with the fact that there will be times in your life where you will be creating & experiencing that which you desired but also acknowledge & accept that uncertainty was all part of the game here, part of the source energy being that you are, coming into physicality with an eagerness & excitement to be apart of this great time of change on the planet, not knowing exactly how it was all going to unfold but to be embodied in human form embracing the opportunity & experience that not only you were going to create for yourself but what paths or timelines you as a collective were going to take as a species on Earth. Uncertainty enables you to trust in a higher plan, enables you to let go of a rigid structured mind & instead tap into your feeling senses, into your ability to change, transform & go with the flow of this multidimensional experience & beings that you are. Knowing that everything is unfolding as it should, so the more you allow & let go of what you deem things should be or what must occur, focus on yourselves & how you can anchor deeper into who you are & how you can provide that sense of stability, safety & peace within yourself no matter what is occurring outside of you. We come in peace & love & it is an honor to be supporting you at this time.