Channeling the Pleiadian Council of 9 16/02/21✨

Embrace your uniqueness & your differences. Do not want anyone to be like you or seek to find acceptance through what another perceives as "good or bad". You are you & that is a gift. You are here to embody all that you are, to share your unique essence & codes with the world regardless of what others may deem as different, acceptable etc For your society is shifting from wanting to be all the same, to fit into certain embrace who you truly are, to make the fulfillment of your soul more important than being the same or like anyone else. Belonging is key & important, you need that as humans to feel connected & safe & feel like you are not seperate, but belonging does not mean that you all need to be exactly like one another, no, it's embracing everyones unique qualities, way of being, abilities, gifts, energy & understanding that they are also an aspect of source energy playing a role here, transmitting their own frequency & codes for the purpose of their souls expansion & the expansion of source. Source did not want all of you to be the same & hold the same belief systems & perceptions.. because what would be the point of that? Embrace all parts of you, your shadow & light, embrace all parts of every other living being here on Earth too, seeing them as a part of the whole & a part of you. You are all stepping into a new way of being & a new level of awareness to cultivate acceptance & love for all, no matter someones circumstance, actions, behaviour, because all is a reflection of you & part of creation.