14/8/20 Channeling the Pleiadian Council of 9

We are the Pleiadian Council of 9. Here we see humanity on the edge of a beautiful beginning of a new way of being. As you live in this perceived time & space reality your linear time may seem like this transition is a long & heavy task, but to us it is an instant. You too can choose to shift, to align, to be in the fith dimensional energy now. You are a sovereign being & can use your mastery to step into dimensions & energies that you wish. Tune into & connect with your hearts on a daily basis, check in with yourself. Is there any resistance? What energies are flowing? We are here watching your every move, cheering you on. Have compassion for yourselves & others as you navigate these times. Find your center daily & clear your channel. Know what is yours & what isn't. What paths & roads you take is up to you & you will be gently nudged & guided along the way.