Channeled Message ~ This life on Earth is a journey of remembrance & soul mastery

It is a time of great change for many, decisions are being made that are not always easy, but on a soul level it feels aligned with the path their soul wishes to take. We are here to remind you all that, it is not what you do as much as the energy of it, the intention of it, the frequency it resides in. For your souls journey is not about how much you do, all the things you accomplish & can tick off a list, but in the way you move through life, are you embodying your authentic self in all moments? Are you honoring the life of not just yourself but those around you? Does your energy & being affect others in a way where they feel more love & higher vibrational energies? Do you see the sacredness in all of life & express yourself in a way where others may remember or be activated into their own power & remember too their own divinity? This life on Earth is a journey of remembrance & soul mastery, this is a time where you are birthing a new golden age where the structure & way of being of not only humanity but the planet, universe & consciousness is expanding into new heights. This Earth game is about remembering the already ascended being that you are & being able to anchor & bridge your divinity with your humanness to become a species that raises the vibration of itself & the planet & operates in a whole new dimension of harmony, unity, freedom & peace which has not occured for centuries & will not occur in the same way it has ever before. - The Pleiadian Council of 9, a message from earlier in the year 💫

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