Channeled message from the Pleiadian Council of 9 ~ 2/12/2020

Dear ones, you are but a spark of source do not play down your divinity. It is time to claim the power that is yours, to rediscover it from within, for it has always been there it is now just being more activated & felt by you. Feel at the center of your core the essence, the qualities, the true being that you are. Reside in this essence, feel it from within & embody & express it for it is your birthright. You came here into this life to be the architect of your life through your conscious actions & choices & by listening within to your heart & higher self towards what feels in highest alignment with your soul to create or explore next. This is an eternal journey of experiencing the oneness that you are with all that is. Honoring every moment of your life knowing it is in perfect accordance with your souls growth & journey, honoring those that came before you & those that will come after you, honoring the Love that everyone is at their core. You choose the way you wish to walk & you will be guided from the higher realms as you commit to the way of the heart, the way of unity, the way of bringing heaven to Earth. ~ Channeled from the Pleiadian Council of Nine 2/12/2020