Channeled Message From Spirit / Source

With an Emailed Channeled Message, you receive a short written channeled message from Spirit/Source delivered via email within 5 business days. It will be approx 15 sentences long.

Let go of any expectations of who or what you want to come through and instead allow what is in your highest good for you at that moment to be transmitted (if you did have a specific question please write it in the notes box at checkout or email me). It may be from Source or a more specific being or collective. This information can give you a new perspective on life and assist you moving forward feeling empowered.

Channeled guidance does not take away your lessons or opportunities for growth, but it does enable you to see more clearly and have a higher understanding of experiences and enable you to move through them with more ease. Channeled guidance from the higher dimensions often comes through speaking to you on a soul level, seeing the larger picture instead of getting caught up on specifics (as you are the one creating your reality through your level of vibration and frequency), you have free will and beings that are of high frequency never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do but instead focusing on what is in your highest good. *This is not a mediumship reading or fortune-telling – I do not bring through past loved ones or predict the future, or do medical mediumship, this session is for wisdom from source frequency, spirit guides, angels, star beings, ascended masters etc.