Channeled message from Goddess Isis 4/9/20

Connect with your hearts, go within & discover your divinity. For all us goddesses are reflecting back to you the divine beauty, softness, Love that you all have access to. Will you trust your hearts calling? Will you allow all that no longer serves you to fall away? Will you let us guide you forward with grace & devotion to the highest expression of your soul? Will you allow us to support your ever growing knowledge & wisdom? For we have much we can offer. Allow us to assist in your healing, let us take your pain, your suffering & transcend it. Beloved hearts, we are honored to be a part of this great cocreation assisting in the higher realms. Call upon the Divine Feminine, goddess, priestess energies to anchor into your being & the planet. Remember ancient knowledge is within your cells & DNA. Access it. Remember. Embody more of your soul with each breath. Align with your central channel, align with your heart, Love & oneness. See through the eyes of source, of the creator & pull down the veils of illusion as you walk the path of Love.

💜 (felt so much Love bringing this through!)