Channeled Message From Arch Angel Michael & The Angelic Order Of Peace

Hayley Zammit channeled this message on 4th July 2022 from Arch Angel Michael & the Angelic Order Of Peace

You are all light beings in form, but some of you fail to recognize this. You keep yourselves stuck in the limitations of the world & never remember who you are. Alignment with your divine self is necessary & required to fulfill your destiny here. Angelic support is here for you now. Open & receive the connection to your own divinity & to us. Tune in & listen & sink deeper into the truth of who you are. The tricks & fallacies of the mind surround you & split your energy so the unified field of your soul cannot direct its full power. Integration is key at this time. Make your inner world just as important as your outer world. It is then you will discover more of your light & your strength in this world to guide you forward on a journey that is deeply fulfilling for you whilst being of service to others. Let go of the deceit of the mind & the illusion of the separate self. It is a construct for you to awaken from in divine time when your own soul's remembrance comes knocking at your door. Rest assured you will be safe & kept out of harm's way. Guidance will always be there for you & you will glimpse the light of understanding & of knowing the divinity in the making which is your life. You & me are one. Your holy nature is the only thing that is true but the current paradigm wants to fight for duality, fight for it's suffering & fight for it's separation. Love is the answer & love always will be the answer. Tune in & be receptive to the voice in your heart. Let it speak & let all outdated thoughts about it be dissolved through the resonance of your true nature. Behold your light & the love that is guiding your way. You are protected from anything of a lower nature as you hold your own sword of light, not to harm, but to be an embodiment & a wayshower of light for all beings on the earth plane. It is time to come together as one through the recognition that you have had enough of the old & the evolution & higher consciousness on the planet is ushering in a new age for all to know the true meaning of joy, peace & love. Blessed are those who listen to the guidance of the soul over the constructs of the mind. Understand your purpose here is vast & beyond comprehension but behold it is here for you to take hold of & to flow with the current of life that you chose to be on.

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