Channeled Message for the collective from the Pleiadians of the High Council of Light

Open up to new ways of being, new opportunities. For nothing is fixed. Nothing is set in stone. You are a multidimensional being who can shift and change with ease if you allow it. The programming and conditioning is falling away as you remember who you are, what you are and the powers you hold within. Always come back to your heart this is where it all starts and ends. The heart will become more valuable to you all in times to come. You all will be more tapped in and more emotional beings. So much to uncover and so much to be eager for. It is one step followed by another step bringing you back to your center and wholeness - yes you are always and already whole but its coming to the knowing and feeling of that.

Can you know yourself as a creator being? Can you know yourself than more than this human vessel you are in? Beyond all that? The oneness with all, that pure awareness unfolding and observing the ways of this life. There is so much love for you all to feel and this will become easier as the blocks and barriers fall away during this time.

Blessings to you all. Things are moving, there are many moving parts happening behind the scenes so trust the universe, surrender for a moment to the possibility that there are miracles and support always here for you. It is a pleasure to be coming through in this way