Card Pull for the Collective - Insights & Support (20th Jan 2022)

I feel called to do a 3 card pull for the collective today, it may give you insights and support with what you are currently navigating.

Card 1 ~ Selling Out

Your integrity and inner strength are being severely tested. You have an opportunity to act with either fear or love.

Where in your life are you selling out or acting out of integrity? This card asks you to find the courage to stand up for your convictions and take steps towards doing what you love. Examine your fears around survival, power, responsibility and success and be led into freedom, self expression, choice and love.

Card 2 ~ Help From Above

Your positive intentions and heartfelt prayers have been heard.

You are being asked to work on your self worth, so that you can receive your greatest good in the form of incredible love, life transforming opportunities, healing, abundance and divine inspiration.

Card 3 ~ Dreams

Pay attention to your dreams - they hold lots of significant insights for you at present.

Your dreams may provide you with important details about your current health issues or a creative idea you need to action to make your desires manifest. Dreams can also give you clues about what is challenging you emotionally. Take note of both the dark and the light aspects of your dreams. In particular, pay attention to any reoccurring dreams, as they often have significant meaning or wisdom that can help you.

Overall we are really being asked to have the self awareness and courage to shine the light of our consciousness on both our inner and outer worlds. To have courage and empowerment as we move forward so we can anchor into a higher dimensional reality with more love and freedom.