Benefits of a Sound Healing Session

〰️ On a mental level:

Slows down your brainwave state from Beta (alert/focussed) to Alpha & Theta (relaxed/meditative). The chatter in your mind starts to dissolve & you become present with the guided meditation & sacred sounds.

〰️ On a emotional level:

This can vary from feeling calm, peaceful, loving, blissful to someone experiencing suppressed emotions coming up to be released during this healing experience when they give themselves an opportunity to be present & be with themselves & what emotions want to be processed.

〰️ On a physical level:

Sound has the ability to rearrange molecular structure within the body therefore affecting you on a cellular level. The vibrations from the sounds move through water in the body which can help stimulate circulation to allow muscle relaxation & improve lymphatic flow. Scientific studies also show that sound has the capacity to create change on the autonomic, immune, endocrine & neuropeptide systems. When we are in a deep state of relaxation we allow our bodies inherent capacity for self healing to occur.

〰️ On a spiritual & subtle level:

The sounds allow you to go into an altered state of consciousness, almost trance like, it allows you to surrender & expand your consciousness & access inner guidance. Sound also has the ability to move energy through our chakras ( energetic centers that receive, assimilate & transmit energy) & bring them into balance.

The experience that someone has is unique to them everytime - embrace this healing opportunity whatever it brings up for you! 🙏💕

✔️ In person private 1:1 sessions available in Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ (also sessions for two - grab your partner or bestie & heal together!)