"Being in direct experience with life will propel you on your path to become self realized.."

One key quote from a message that Mother Mary shared with me this morning is:

"Being in direct experience with life will propel you on your path to become self realized in human form".

This was a great reminder that what we need to know will come up to our awareness when its supposed to and our true desires and passion will come from within. It's being in direct experience with life in every present moment where we are fully engaged in the now which is where the most expansion can come and ultimately why our soul wanted this human experience.

Many of us can be either too caught up in the outer/physical world being all there is and others can tend to be too much in the inner world, so its really integrating the two knowing we are divine beings in human form and are supposed to be in connection and communication with our soul in this physical world on this ascension journey.

Many people can be almost sleep walking in their life, going with tthe motions but not being conscious and truly living, not soaking up all the experience, beauty and gifts here...ultimately doing but without any being or true presence. This is also a great reminder that spiritual growth doesn't happen from reading a book, taking a course etc and just taking things in mentally but instead hrough the direct experience with life where you unfold into who you truly are through the moments, lessons and awakenings that occur and you express and embody your true souls essence here in your life.

Here are some ways we can be in more direct experience with life (instead of being so in the mind and living from mental constructs):

~ Be in the present moment and conscious

~ Drop into the heart

~ Tune into the senses (both the physical & subtle)

~ Connect to nature and the elements

~ Connect to people and the animals

~ Balanced connection to both outer and inner world

~ Flow and surrender to life's experiences

~ Feel what arises (emotions etc)

~ Be as authentic as possible in your expression and embodiment

~Tune into the frequency of joy

Much Love!